Have you noticed that every time you will try to reload the initial main page, you'll end up with different images? The nine images on the main page are being randomly exchanged as you reload it.
Why did I choose to do this?
Think of this hypertextual space as a photo album. This photo album holds the memories and stories my private things have to tell. But these stories are never truly linear or continuous. Do you think of your life as a continuous story? Well, I see mine more as a bunch of snapshots. All these snapshots somehow relate to each other.
So this particular photo album is different from the ones you'll know. It is more like a stack of snapshots that the computer continuously shuffles.
I believe it doesn't matter which way you chose to enter my private space. Each path will let you explore. Every story that is told leads to another. This site could be an infinite network, if it wouldn't be for my limited amount of time and other people waiting to use the scanner. ;-)